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Our Company

We are a forward thinking innovative company with the objective of providing the building industry with fast, efficient, accurate and cost effective light weight steel frame building products for use in domestic and commercial buildings. Our extensive knowledge and experience has been gained over 25 years in the building and manufacturing industry. Hands on experience from the design all the way to the finished product have expanded our knowledge. We believe it is this hands on experience that puts us in the position to fully understand our clients needs and deliver quality controlled products that are right the first time.


Design Software

The Smartsteel software is a sophisticated software system with full scale testing of connectors and wall framing systems conducted in the National Association of Testing Authorities accredited laboratory. This means that our design and detailing is based on testing – not theory. The result is a more efficient steel framing system that uses less steel and is engineered to meet Australian building codes for cyclonic and non-cyclonic areas.  Once we complete the design process the end result is a wall and roof truss system that is manufactured using a combination of 90mm ribbed C-sections and 90mm U-sections for plates and nogging. The use of U-section for the nogging adds rigidity to the frame while the ribbed C-section provides up to 20% additional strength to wall studs and roof trusses.

Manufacturing Plant

The Smartsteel ENDURO™ rollformer is an all-in-one steel framing rollformer that is capable of producing all steel sections required for steel trusses and wall frames.

Being capable of manufacturing frames and trusses for all wind speeds from N1 – C4. A ribbed C-section is used for studs and trusses while an unribbed U-section is used for plates and nogging. Using a ribbed section increases the strength of studs by up to 20% over unribbed sections, meaning that you can use less steel in frames and trusses. In addition, the ribbed C-section is asymmetrical which allows it to be boxed, where required for additional strength. The U-section is slightly larger than the ribbed C-section allowing the C-section to snap into the boxed section without the need of swaging.

Site Safety

The Smartsteel Health and Safety management system promotes health and safety management and awareness across the organisation from the proposal through to completion and handover to the client.

Our culture of continuous improvement and always keeping safe work practices at the forefront of employee’s minds provides a safe working environment.

Health and Safety is an individual and shared responsibility of all employees, sub-contractors and other persons involved with Smartsteel. It is policy to follow and adhere to safe work practices at all times, to ensure that no person is exposed to a health or safety risk and to develop an evolving safety culture within the company.

Smartsteel Comply with all relevant statutory duties, regulations and codes of practices that relate to the health, safety and well being of employees and sub-contractors.


Smartsteel ENDUROCADD® software calculations are done in accordance with a range of Austalian Standards.

  • AS/NZS 4600:2005 Cold Formed Steel Structures
  • AS 4055:2006 Wind Loads for Housing
  • AS/ NZS 1170:2002 Structural Design Actions
  • NASH Standard Residential and Low Rise Steel Framing Part 1: Design Criteria 2005
  • TRUECORE® steel complies with AS 1397:2011
  • ABCB Protocol for Structural Software Building Code of Australia (BCA) – 2012

All test data is based on testing at BlueScope Steel’s NATA registered materials science laboratory.

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Smartsteel only use BlueScope Steel TRUECORE® that offers a warranty* of up to 50 years* from the date of installation on house framing manufactured from steel. This warranty* applies only to the steel roof structure and wall framing components which are enclosed within the building envelope for domestic dwellings.

pdfDownload TRUECORE® steel building frame sample

Disclaimer – Warranty* terms and conditions apply. Warranties* are not available for all products and applications. The duration and terms and conditions of available warranties* vary according to product use and application.