Manufacturing Plant

The Smartsteel ENDUROâ„¢ rollformer is an all-in-one steel framing rollformer that is capable of producing all steel sections required for steel trusses and wall frames.

Being capable of manufacturing frames and trusses for all wind speeds from N1 – C4. A ribbed C-section is used for studs and trusses while an unribbed U-section is used for plates and nogging. Using a ribbed section increases the strength of studs by up to 20% over unribbed sections, meaning that you can use less steel in frames and trusses. In addition, the ribbed C-section is asymmetrical which allows it to be boxed, where required for additional strength. The U-section is slightly larger than the ribbed C-section allowing the C-section to snap into the boxed section without the need of swaging.