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Cost Savings

Lightweight steel allows you to build safely and competitively on demanding sites and difficult terrain. Pre fabricated frames are manufactured in a controlled environment reducing wastage and onsite labour cost. Manufactured with accuracy including pre punched service holes make onsite modifications and wall chasing a thing of the past.

Modern Design

Combined with innovative material, improved processes and design flexibility our frames provide the right solution for your building project. Because of its strength steel is capable of long spans offering large open spaces.

Termite free framing

The likelihood that termites will enter your home varies with several factors, the incidence of termite attack appears to be increasing.  Termites cannot eat steel. This important long term benefit coupled with the many other features of steel framing provide you piece of mind your building is always strong and safe.

Strong and Safe

Smartsteel building solutions are designed by a team of experienced detailers with extensive hands on experience constructing steel and timber framed homes and commercial buildings. Our innovative solutions are designed to provide new and clever approaches from the design thru to the onsite construction.